Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mel's at it again!

Mel of MCA Designs is celebrating her birthday with a brand new Commercial Use kit, and she has put it on sale. You can purchase "3 Ways to Use Overlays" at the sale price of just $10 during her birthday week only. On July 1st, it will go to its regular price of $14.95. This kit contains an overload of 100 Commercial Use Overlays along with a Tutorial, "3 Ways to Use Overlays" created with designers of all skill levels in mind. The tutorial was written for Photoshop CS/2/3, and adapted by Lee Anne Davis for Photoshop Elements. It has been published as a Microsoft Word document and an Adobe PDF. Even if you use another program to design, the kit is still a bargain at this price. Credit is not required but is appreciated.

How can you go wrong with 100 OVERLAYS!!!!!! Get it today at My Scrap Shop! And don't forget to go to Mel's Blog MCA Designs and tell her Happy Birthday!!!

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