Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Donation Kit: Over the Rainbow

It’s here! It’s here! And I must say I’m quite pleased with this one lol! This month for the July donation kit I have put together “Over the Rainbow” for you all. This is a full size kit, 12x12 Papers and all items made at 300 DPI! Kit is for personal use and is Scrap 4 Hire friendly! Here’s the previews and there's 3 this time because there was just too much to jam in there lol!

In order to obtain this kit all you have to do is make a donation of ANY kind! No matter how big or how small! ANY amount is very much appreciated!

Kit Includes:

15 papers
7 puffy stickers
6 tags
6 eyelets
6 sequin splats
4 flowers
3 frames
3 bows
3 heart spirals
1 stitch
1 ribbon
1 ric rak
1 doodle border
1 doodle
1 gem overlay

If you wish to donate, follow the links below to receive this kit in full! I would love to see anything that is made using this kit! Please allow 24 hours for delivery (although since I am constantly checking my email it will most likely be MUCH sooner.) If you have any questions or problems you can e-mail me at honey414@swbell.net.


Links have been updated. You will now no longer have to wait for me to e-mail you the download links. Once you have successfully made a donation you should be re-directed to the download page for the kit. If this does not happen or if you have any other problems please e-mail me to let me know!

Here’s a layout I’ve come up with using this kit:


Angi said...

I made a donation. This kit is so wonderful, I wish that my donation could be ten times as much... perhaps next time I can make it so.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Angi said...

I am still waiting to hear back from you regarding the donation I made on July 3rd! Can you please get back to me...

Monica said...

Angi, I hate to leave a comment on here but hopefully you can get this and I can delete it off shortly....I have e-mailed you over a dozen times and I just cannot figure out why you have not gotten any of them. Can you please add my e-mail to your address book (honey414@swbell.net)and also check your SPAM box to see if you can find any of them. Your e-mail is making me reply to a just_angiT-CL@yahoo.com which I keep getting back an undeliverable error for saying that it is not a valid e-mail account. Then I have also sent several to angi_meets_world@yahoo.com and those have not come back to me at all. I have just sent another one right now....If you see this message can you please let me know if you got either of these?

Angi said...

I have not received anything at all from you at either of these email addresses. I have added your email address to my contacts. Please try again.



Monica said...

Ok...here's what I'm going to do...I have uploaded the links here....the password is your 5 digit zip code...Hopefully this will work for you!

Click Here

Angi said...

Thank you. This did work. I am very sorry for all the confusion and problems. I'm still not sure what exactly happened...

Thanks again,


Monica said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so glad you got finally got it! I am so sorry for all the problems! I can't figure what happened either lol...guess your e-mail just doesn't like me! Thank you for being so patient! I've got some things in place to keep this from happening next time!