Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Store News...

Sigh.....you would think that during this time of year, a time to be thanful and jolly and concentrate on family, that you wouldn't have childish drama going on in the online world. But sadly, I guess some people really have nothing better to do. Thank you for everyone who notified me about my links to the store not working, yes I am aware. The owner shut it down due to some drama which had nothing to do with me (or most other designers at the store) but sadly we are all suffering. So in the mean time I am hunting out other stores and am on the verge of signing with a new one so please sit tight, I will update you all with new links as soon as I can! I should be back up and running very shortly. Thanks for understanding and hope everyone enjoys this holiday season with loved ones near by!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas sale and QP#3

I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks until Christmas! Ugh I still have so much shopping to do! Not to mention I haven't even touched the "big" presents from Santa yet! I will be so happy when the holidays are over! Good news for you though, starting with today my whole store is on sale 50% off!!!

It's really a great deal! The sale will continue until December 25. There will also be 1 lucky customer chosen every day to be rak'ed with another kit!

I also have the 3rd quickpage from my Pajama Party kit for you today. This one was also made by Honey B. Enjoy everyone!

Download Here

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pajama Party QP #2

Gosh this time of year is so busy! I've only got half of my shopping done and can't seem to get ANY time to sit at the computer and scrap or design! We also just got a new dell that came a few days ago and this Windows Vista is gonna take some getting use to (I want my XP back!) So that along with having to transfer all my files and install all of my new programs and what not I haven't been able to get much done at all!

I do have the 2nd quickpage freebie from the Pajama Party kit for you all though. This one was made by Honey B. Hope you enjoy and please be sure to leave some love on the blog if you decide to pick it up!

Download QP here